Ffxiv unable to complete version check

ffxiv unable to complete version check

There are several things you can endeavor if you are experiencing an issue with the structure truly investigate Convincing Dream XIV:

1. Yet again restart the game and endeavor. From time to time, this can decide the issue.

2. Ensure that you have a consistent web affiliation. Expecting your affiliation is insecure, it can cause the transformation check to crash and burn.

3. Guarantee that your firewall isn’t blocking the game. You could need to add the game as an extraordinary case in your firewall settings.

4. Have a go at weakening any VPNs or mediators that you are using. These can now and again block the interpretation check.

5. Expecting you are using a switch, have a go at restarting it and really look at whether that has an effect.

6. Accepting you are at this point experiencing issues, you could need to contact the Square Enix support bunch for extra assistance. They will really need to give more unambiguous researching steps considering your specific situation.

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